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If you have any concerns or worries during your pregnancy, you may be referred to the Maternity Day Assessment Unit at either hospital by your GP or community midwife for tests, such as blood pressure checks and fetal heart monitoring.

Be aware of your baby's movements. You will usually start to feel some movements around 18 to 22 weeks. Later on in pregnancy, it is important to be aware of your baby’s usual pattern of movements. A change in movements, especially a reduction, can occasionally be a sign that your baby is unhappy. If you notice a change please telephoneus immediately.  Do not wait until the next day. We can arrange for your baby’s heart rate to be monitored for around 20 minutes. Usually we find all is well, in which case you will be reassured and able to go home.

Contact numbers
Maternity Day Assessment Unit at Frimley 01276 604630
Fetal Assessment Unit at Wexham 01753 634420 

Antenatal Wards

We have two antenatal wards – one at each hospital. You may be admitted if you feel unwell or have any problems during your pregnancy.

Contact numbers
Antenatal Ward at Frimley 01276 604231
Antenatal Ward at Wexham 01753 634515